poem Smiled at me

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Sea Pink by the shore
Sea Pink by the shore

I walked along the shore today
Between the rocks and pools and sand
A bit grey for this time of year
Burst of sunshine would be grand

Feeling sorry for myself
Though really I should not complain
With belly full and health quite good
Well maybe just some aches and pains

I think that I had hoped to chance
Upon a lucky beachcomb find
Something that would cheer me up
And lighten load of worried mind

A spiral shell or pirate bell
Or bottled message on the beach
Good fortune did not smile on me
It bobbed away beyond my reach

I wouldn’t say I was depressed
(though this winter was the worst we had)
Just feeling down, in darkened mood
A heavy heart….. fairly sad

But then beside the shallow cliffs
A glimpse of colour caught my eye
I backtracked for a step or two
And turned my gaze toward the sky
sea-cliff primroses
sea-cliff primroses

A tiny pink and purple flower
Peeped out from a rocky groove
I swear, I SWEAR, it smiled at me
And stirred my heart.. I felt it move

Then like a summer misty haze
That parts and clears before your eyes
I saw that flower was not alone
And I began to realise

There were dozens of those purple plants
Smiling outward from that cliff
At first I’d only saw the one
So now I wondered ..well..what if..

I …who thought I was alone
Was part of a much larger group
All stretching up to seek the light
How could I get into that loop?

The flower had the answer then
I didn’t have to think a while
Each person that I met from now
I’d greet them warmly..with a smile.

copyright Martin johnstone 2006