Poem - Can You See?

Article text
Are you blind
Or can you see
The Treasure Trove
A gift from me

Lift your head
And look around
My works of beauty
Will be found

So deep this red
In sunset glow
Diamond Sparkle
In silent snow

Calm the noise
And try to hear
The Sweetest Sounds
And hold them dear

Whispering Leaves
Wandering Breeze
Icy crackling
Of winters’ freeze

A Baby’s cry
A Whisper Sweet
Children’s Laughter
In the street

What’s the source
Of all this Bliss
It’s me of course
And more than this

I tell you now
That I made you
And the sky above
So vast and blue

And every day
I look at you
And ask the sun
To rise anew

And fill that dome
With Wonderous Light
Majestic Dawn
A fitting sight

As I try to warm
Your heart with love
The greatest gift
From High Above

And hope that soon
You’ll start to thaw
And hear my voice
And stand in awe

And know that when
You feel delight
Or witness true
Breathtaking sight

Or wake to birdsong
Pure and free
That what you see..
And hear.. Is Me.

©Martin Johnstone May2006