birds of different feathers

Article text
birds of different feathers
I saw a collared dove today
Flitting gently round the park.
It looked a little drab and grey
A stripe, some flecks, nothing stark.

A blackbird landed just along
With a slightly sooty coat of black
And sang a lovely little song
As he darted deftly, fore and back.

A seagull sprang onto the scene
She showed her feathers, white & bold
And landed on the grassy green
To watch the little show unfold.

A wagtail popped up, bright and small
I watched his yellow moves, entranced.
I didn’t hear him sing at all
But he jumped and bobbed and dipped and danced.

They didn’t fuss, they didn’t fight
They didn’t make each other cry
Yellow, black and grey and white
They shared the same big bright blue sky.

If only we could learn from them, I’m sure that we would get it right.
If only we could learn from them, Mankind could dare to fly so high.

copyright martin johnstone apr 2012