The Universal grander scheme

sunrise over benbecula from west coast road
In the Universal, grander scheme
some things are meant to be
the reasons why, although we pry
are not for us to see,
like swirling storms that last for days
and show us natures' wrath
why must we suffer and endure
why not a quiet path?

Those days are not without an end
there's always some respite,
the days of beauty, oh so calm,
filled with warmth and light.
We don't know when those days will come
but we know they surely will
and our bodies will recuperate
..repair..relax..be still.

Now what about our busy minds,
I hope that we can see
they're not so diffrent from the storms
.. in a strange analogy.
The raging torrent of our thoughts
can knock us off our feet
the rushing rota of our lives
must work...must drive...must eat

So look out for the days of peace
amidst the mental riot
allow your mind to be quite still
no thoughts.. just calm..and quiet.
Please don't try to fill the 'gap'
with TV, or the Web
no MP3, no MTV,
to spin around your head
Those days are there to heal the mind
to give your soul a lift
accept them in the grander scheme
..enjoy them as a gift.

copyright m johnstone 2008