Poem, I watched the moonrise..

Article text
I Watched the Moonrise..

I watched the moonrise, late last night
above the moor, beyond the croft..
enchanted by the evening site
of moonbeams falling from aloft
and dripping gently on the loch
reflections spreading, silver soft

The night was filled with calm and quiet
a silent blanket, hugging tight
no war to fight, no city riot,
just blessed peace and lunar light

As the moon set sail across the sky
on her journey of nocturnal flight
I couldn’t help but wonder why
this world is filled with so much plight
and what she’d see, beneath her gaze
as she slowly travelled, shining bright

-people fighting, in the sand
too scared to take their night time rest
In dry and dusty, foreign land
where life hands out a tougher test,
children hiding, in the park
from mans’ display of strength and might
and despot demons in the dark
no mother there, to make it right-

I thought of countless nights gone by
when rain and gales had scoured this place
when I cursed the sun and moon and stars
as salty sea spray stung my face

But on this night of peace and light
some droplets of the human race
are weeping through my blurring sight
to wash those thoughts and now replace
with gratitude for you and me
..with humility and love..
to live here in these remote isles
like diamonds from the stars above.

copyright 13 jun 2008